Following in the footsteps of the highly-acclaimed Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, Always Feminine Products challenges the idea that acting “like a girl” is a bad thing. In a 3 minute YouTube video, Always conducts an experiment where subjects are asked to do various activities “like a girl,” which demonstrated that the phrase has evolved into a widely known insult. Ending in an uplifting call-to-action, Always challenges viewers to “Rewrite the Rules” and help turn being #LikeAGirl into something positive.


In an attempt to empower women everywhere, Always is joining in the recent  trend of female product companies championing women’s issues. Similar to Dove and Pantene’s campaigns that challenge what beauty is, Always differentiates itself by challenging the fundamental idea of what being “like a girl” is perceived as. Having reached over a million views in 24 hours and catching attention from popular sites, such as, Always appears to have effectively connected with all women alike.

Advertising has always been about using emotional appeals in some way, and with recent campaigns by female product companies it appears that emotional, empowering appeals have proved to be some of the most successful. Will the trend continue to be successful, or will females become desensitized to it as more companies take on that approach? Only time will tell.

Check out the video here.