Here at Chicklabs, we have a lot of respect for our entrepreneurs. We feel fortunate to be working with a dedicated  group of innovators who are leading some pretty groundbreaking companies. As we navigate their paths to acceleration, we want to introduce our companies and the amazing entrepreneurs who stand behind them.

The Idea

Dean Finkenberg and his family, like so many families have experienced, were a bit shell-shocked when they began dealing with his mother-in-law’s end of life plans just 11 days before her passing. Discovering vital information, such as her Do Not Resuscitate document, was out of date or not entirely figured out, Dean was forced to make decisions fast despite being relatively unprepared.

Emerging from this experience, Dean realized that preparing for the unexpected requires communication and that there must be a place in which family members can take action. Unsatisfied by what little resources he could find, Dean decided to create a forum that would make end of life planning as organized and simple as possible: Plans in Place.

Plans in Place

Plans in Place is a website where family members are able to effectively communicate and organize all end of life plans for individuals nearing that time. The Plan Builder feature allows Plans in Place to create a custom to-do list for each family member and outlines key information that needs to be put in order. Additionally, Plans in Place provides numerous articles that guide users through the process and answer many frequently asked questions.

By outlining every task that needs to be completed, Plans in Place allows families to focus on the member nearing end of life when the time comes rather than having to stress about paperwork and tasks that had yet to be discussed. By effectively connecting family members and providing for efficient planning, Plans in Place allows its users to have “Confidence and Peace of Mind” when the time finally comes for a family member to pass. A simple way to make a difficult time just the slightest bit easier.