In New York, there are 782,000 women-owned firms who run businesses across vast swaths of industries. For women like Stephanie Falsetta – a paralegal who left her career for the more satisfying path of founding soap and lotions company Goats in a Coat – the rise in government-sponsored initiatives and private incubators is greatly increasing social mobility and the realization of the quintessential American Dream.

Stephanie was able to take advantage of numerous resources when first starting off as an entrepreneur. The Accelerator uses government grants to get necessary equipment for startups, and lease them office space below market value. This gives entrepreneurs more time to grow their businesses and really gain traction in their marketplaces.

Just like how Falsetta was conveniently able to start her company at the Accelerator, Chicklabs is comfortably nestled in the Cove at UCI Applied Innovation, a hub of creativity that acts as an entrepreneurial nexus for many startups and venture capitalists. Thanks to our location, the startups we help have premier access to a variety of resources in Southern California’s Orange County area.

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