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  How It All Began

Cynthia Saito knew she was on to something when she solved the problem of her daughter going to bed with tangled, wet hair every night. Left to dry on its own, four year-old Zoe’s dripping hair would soak her pajamas and pillow, and she would frustratingly exclaim, “Come on mom, do something, I’m all wet!” Other moms agreed as they too shared a unanimous sorority of motherhood, in which the battle of washing their daughters’ hair brought about frustration, anxiety and futility. After nights of wet pillows, neck aches, and hair knots, Cynthia decided to design a hair towel that was easy for her four year-old daughter to put on (read: no flipping of the head), comfortable to wear (no sopping wet, five pound bath towel atop her tiny head), and stylish.

The ‘Doo Solution

Cynthia became inspired to solve that challenge that girls and women of all ages face: wet hair. Dozens of sketches and several samples later, Cynthia arrived at the Wrapadoo hair wrap: a dual-layered, custom fitted hair towel. The Wrapadoo hair wrap is the luxurious and fashionable tool designed to dry excess moisture from wet hair. The inner layer is made of a super absorbent terry microfiber while the soft outer layer comes in a variety of plush colors and patterns.

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Cynthia’s past career successes were built on relationships with luxury designers, artisans and retailers, so when designing the Wrapadoo hair wrap, quality was the top priority.

“I think I’ve washed my Wrapdoo more than fifty times and the terry cloth, the jewel- it still looks brand new,” stated Katie Beaudin, a longtime Wrapadoo devotee.

Startup Star

Highly respected by the Orange County start-up community, Cynthia has had introduced Wrapdoo to thousands of Bf60fJ-CMAAm0gRpeople at several large scale events. Her most recent success occurred last February at the Tech Coast Venture Network Survivor 8 pitch competition where she placed in the top six out of 115 competing companies. One by one, entrepreneurs stood on stage and delivered their business pitches in front of a panel of heavy hitting judges which included the original investor in The Honest Company, the CEO of startup incubator, and the Director of the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship at Chapman University.

What’s Next?

Wrapadoo is continuing to develop thoughtful lines of Luxury, Home, Spa and Beauty items with each product designed to soothe and pamper women of all ages. Through her company, Cynthia hopes to make life feel a little more serene and glamorous for all women.

For more information, and to find your perfect Wrapadoo hair wrap, click here.