woman smartphone business

The most recent data for women-owned businesses in 2015 is out, and the findings show that these businesses continue to soar. In the United States, over 9.4 million enterprises (30% of the nation’s businesses) are owned by women, providing nearly 1 in 7 jobs accounted for by privately owned businesses.

A very interesting statistic is that minority women-owned businesses have outnumbered white women-owned businesses since 1997, a trend that reflects a wonderful trend towards greater equality. The diversity of women-owned businesses not only outpaces that of men, but also is more beneficial for innovation in the long run.

At Chicklabs, we hope to continue to encourage this upward trajectory. Since many entrepreneurs struggle with finding the right investors to partner with for a business, pitch to a VC, or even craft a comprehensive plan for future growth, we help entrepreneurs develop and hone their skills.